A community for nones, agnostics, and nothing-in-particulars

Welcome to None But Curious, a community where diversity, curiosity, accountability, and respect intertwine,
weaving a vibrant tapestry of shared values and insight.

Humility in Knowledge

We acknowledge the limitations of human knowledge and the inability to assert with certainty the existence or non-existence of supernatural entities. 

Open-Minded Exploration

We encourage a continuous and open-minded exploration of philosophical and existential questions without rigid adherence to fixed beliefs. 

Respect for Diverse Perspectives

We value and respect the diversity of religious, spiritual, and non-religious perspectives, recognizing that individuals have different paths and interpretations. 

Ethics Without Doctrine

We practice ethical behavior and moral principles without deriving them from a specific religious doctrine. 

Individual Responsibility for Peace

We recognize that fostering peace originates from the actions of each individual.
We engage fully in the present moment,
striving to alleviate suffering and
attain inner harmony through mindful immersion in our current experiences.

Environmental Custodianship

We embrace the responsibility to protect and preserve the integrity, diversity, and beauty of nature, 
honoring its inherent value for present and future generations. 

Continuous Learning and Curiosity

We commit to ongoing learning and nurture a curious spirit, ensuring that our path of understanding and connection continually evolves. 

Fostering Connections

We aspire to cultivate connections with others through open, honest, and respectful communication. 

Cultivating Insight from Various Sources

We collaborate and participate in silence, nature, art, music, and play to discover and cultivate our inner wisdom.